eCigarettes and Their Use in Public Areas

Laws have been passed in the United States that now make it illegal to smoke in certain areas. In general, you cannot smoke inside of restaurants and bars and many places insist that you remain a certain number of feet away from the main entrance when smoking. It is prohibited to smoke at the entrance of all government buildings and most hospitals and other facilities are also enforcing bans on smoking. The laws vary from state to state but most follow the same guidelines. Anyone who smokes cannot do so indoors in a public area and must remain a fair distance away from entrances to buildings where these bans are in place.

The bans however do not currently affect those who use electronic cigarettes. Most facilities do not include these products in their smoking bans because eCigarettes do not actually produce smoke. They produce a vapor that is water based instead and allow users to inhale nicotine through an atomizer that when heated, produces this water vapor. eCigarette users are permitted, at the present time, to use their devices in most areas where smoking traditional cigarettes have been banned. For instance, some restaurants and bars allow the use of eCigarettes. Many airports and even airlines allow their use during flights and they are permitted inside various government buildings where it is currently illegal to light up a traditional cigarette.

eCig users have found that these public bans are somewhat lifted when they are vaping, which is the technical term for using an eCigarette. If you are using an eCig, you will most likely not be asked to step outside nor will you incur any repercussions for “lighting up” like you would with traditional tobacco products. While the Food and Drug Administration is currently working to put regulations into place that may limit usage in public areas for those who use eCigarettes, there are very few establishments right now that do not allow them to be used in public. Some states have placed bans on eCigarettes just as they have placed them on traditional cigarettes but for the most part, vaping is perfectly legal in most public areas.

Those who do use eCigarettes are cautioned to do their research to determine where they can legally use these products. Again, all states very on their laws and there are a few that may have bans in place. Some airlines do not allow them to be used inflight and many government offices prohibit their use indoors as well. Until further reports and regulations are released by the FDA, it looks as if eCig users will be permitted to vape anywhere they want given the few exceptions. While no one knows quite what the future will bring or whether the FDA will successfully have eCigs banned from use in public areas, for now users are permitted to enjoy their vaping in many public areas and many consumers have switched to eCigarettes simply because of the allowance of their use in a number of public places.

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